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Why Choose EMBA at IBS?

The IBS Strategic Management and Leadership Executive MBA (SML EMBA) was launched in 2002. This successful programme was updated in 2010 to better address the needs of Russian business professionals. It is one of the leading MBA programmes in Russia. It is a unique programme designed for top managers and entrepreneurs. The Strategic Management & Leadership Executive MBA attracts the cream of Russia’s business elite.

The SML EMBA is designed to be a transformational experience, both personally and professionally. It will equip you with the skills, knowledge and networks to meet the challenges faced by business leaders, both globally, and in our rapidly evolving economy.

The recently re-structured programme includes new courses and business simulations aimed at developing leadership skills, unlocking leadership potential, enhancing personal effectiveness, while focusing on personal and professional strategic planning.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Students. One of the greatest benefits of the EMBA is the wide-ranging experience brought into the classroom, and shared, by its students. Students will have proven track records of success in a variety of roles and industries. This enriches the learning environment and ensures that the programme addresses the needs of practising managers.
  • Faculty. The IBS faculty is a team of international, high-calibre professors, researchers, business, and government leaders. This highly effective and experienced faculty employs a wide range of teaching methods. There is cutting-edge innovation in the use of webinars with simultaneous translation with management gurus such as Henry Mintzberg of McGill University, Canada.
  • The SML EMBA programme is designed to build on existing student experience and to add to this a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge so as to propel the student’s career to the next level. The programme is academically rigorous yet practical. The faculty use state-of-the-art learning methods to share their real-world business experience with students.
  • The programme includes regular master classes with prominent businessmen, entrepreneurs, politicians and government officials.
  • The SML EMBA is highly practical. It includes tailor-made sessions with business consultants.
  • One of the core characteristics of sustainable business is a global perspective. Cultural awareness is a serious competitive advantage. Businessmen in the modern world should know the tools of cross-cultural management. One of the elements of the EMBA programme is an overseas module. EMBA students have an opportunity to study at Cambridge University where they will experience cross-cultural issues first-hand when working in an international group.
  • As part of the tuition fee, SML EMBA students are supplied with all course books and materials plus audio-video materials. Students also receive an audio-video kit which they can use to improve the performance of their subordinates.
  • Programme format - Modular and weekend delivery is designed to help students balance their demanding careers with intensive study.
  • IBS is an internationally recognised business school with 22 years experience of delivering quality business and management education.